The Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) has two branches for which elections occur: the Executive Committee and the Assembly. The Executive Committee is comprised of four positions: President, Vice President for Internal Affairs, Vice President for External Affairs, and Vice President for Professional Development. The Assembly is comprised of representatives from each academic unit with graduate programs at ASU; the number of representatives from each unit varies with enrollment.


GPSA Initiatives will be posted as received

2017 Positions


VP External Affairs:

VP Internal Affairs:

VP Professional Development:

Assembly Members

Business:  (3)

Design & the Arts:  (2)

Engineering:  (6)

Future of Innovation in Society:  (1)

Graduate College:  (1)

Health Solutions:  (1)

Integrative Sciences & Arts (formerly Letter and Sciences):  (1)

Journalism:  (1)

Law:  (2)

Liberal Arts and Sciences:

Natural Sciences (1)

Life Sciences (1)

Social Sciences (1)

Humanities (1)

New College Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences: (1)

Nursing & Health Innovation:  (1)

Thunderbird:  (1)

Public Programs & Community Solutions:  (2)

Sustainability: (1)

Teachers:  (2)

At-Large: (2)

Governing Documents

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