Expense Report

All candidates (USG & GPSA) must complete an expense report. Expense reports are to be submitted weekly to by 5PM every Friday beginning for the first week of campaigning. The final expense report is due by 5:00PM on THURSDAY, March 30th, 2017.

Spending limits are as follows:
USG Tempe – $1250 (Executive Tickets) & $250 (Senatorial)
USG Downtown Phoenix – $750 (Executive Tickets) & $250 (Senatorial)
USG Poly – $750 (Executive Tickets) & $250 (Senatorial)
USG West – $750 (Executive Tickets) & $250 (Senatorial)
GPSA – $300 (All Candidates)

All expense reports must include scanned copies or images of all related receipts. All receipts must be dated and itemized. Any donations made to a campaign should be reported at fair market value and documented on the expense reports accordingly. Donations shall count towards a campaign’s spending limit.

Failure to accurately and honestly document all campaign expenses may result in candidate disqualification.

*Candidates should refer to the Governing Documents for more information regarding campaign spending limits and provisions.

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Event Registration Form

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